HI! I´m the artist behind black palms and I´m pretty happy to have you
here to join my life and adventures around the world.
I was born in 1986 and ever since, my passion for fashion
and love for traveling started blooming.
Today I focus in showing how to combine style and comfort with
everyday clothes at the most different places around the world.
As I always like to say:
„play around with different styles to freshen up your life!“
So here you´ll find my favorites about
fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle and just everything that I think is cool.
Let´s experience the beautiful things of the world together
and always remember:
wish it . dream it . do it


black palms was founded in the beginning of 2014 by
Sandra & her team in Munich
and has a growing community of followers every day.
The idea behind black palms is to express and share fashion,
the most beautiful destinations, daily inspiration,
and a cool lifestyle with other people.


The true philosophy behind black palms is to share the real art of fashion, combining different patterns and textures,
mixing up dress codes to create special, interesting and trendy outfits.


black palms website is designed in a clean, classy,
and user friendly layout focusing on high quality pictures
and the thoughts behind each post.


Are you interested in an editorial post, social media coverage
or a long term project and would like to work with
Sandra and her team in an authentic and creative way,
please feel free to contact us at


Together we can create something special.