ball game

ball game

I´m a big basketball fan (go FC Bayern Basket!) … So I also love all clothes with basketbal prints on it. My favorite basketball team is FC Bayern Basket for sure. But I also have favorite teams in USA the home of the big teams. I´m a fan of the Knickerbockers (New York Knicks). Last year I had the pleasure to see them life against Toronto Rapters. It was such a awesome game. Thus it´s obvious that I had to buy this great shirt from forever21 of the Chicago Bulls Team. I like this shirt a lot. It fits well. And the print is more than perfect. So now I´m ready to visit a Bulls game. This day was very balmy and I decided to go to the lake by bike. I try to go by bike very often. Of course with my beachcruiser.



Shirt: forever21
Shorts: H&M men selfmade
Shoes: Birkenstocks
Sunnies: zerouv

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