Blogger Bazaar

Blogger Bazaar

I´m still so flashed and I need to talk about this flashing and stunning Blogger Bazaar event. It was my first time at the second Blogger Bazaar in Munich last Saturday. Maybe some of you already know the very successful event. Meanwhile the Blogger Bazaar take place throughout Germany. The first event was last year in Munich. This Saturday was the second Bazaar in Munich and I had the pleasure to got a booth to sell my outfits. It was a great experience and a good opportunity to meet my blogger colleagues, my readers and friends. I met a lot of amazing people and developed great and special new friendships. The 3 girls who arranged and managed this Blogger Bazaar are so sweet and special personalities. I fell in love with their work. My full respect to these three girls. I had my booth together with Sophi and Verena from the skinny and the curvy one. Check out their very inspiring blog. I also met other bloggers and they´re all so nice and beautiful. But the most important thing I met a lot of my readers and this was sooo wonderful. Thank you for all your feedback and support. This is a great honor to me.

By the way thanks to you I can afford a new watch now.


Special thanks to: 
Alessa from la palmerie – check out her awesome espadrilles and more
Philip and his team from MIFLORA for the beautiful floral wreaths
Emily´s Cupcakes for the delicious sweet candy
and of course special thanks to the Blogger Bazaar girls Lena, Lisa and Tanja


.. and now enjoy my pics of the second Blogger Bazaar in Munich.


IMG_5092 IMG_5094 IMG_5111 IMG_5115 IMG_5124 IMG_5143 IMG_5156 IMG_5160 IMG_5172


Shirt: Zara men
Shorts: H&M men selfmade
Shoes: Asos
Trenchcoat: H&M
Hat: Mango

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