bright clouds

bright clouds

I wore this outfit on a warm spring day in Munich. I love the weather right now in Munich. It´s not too warm and not too cold. The perfect weather to try different outfits and styles. It´s a good temperature for layering but also for shirts and shorts. You can create so many different styles on these balmy days. After a long and stressful week last week this was a normal cozy weekend day. So I was very happy to put on my beloved Jeans and a simple, but cute shirt. Not to forget, my absolute must have for summer – my Birkenstocks I love these shoes. So convenient, but still so stylish. I got them in black and white. I´m so happy to have them and I would never ever want to miss them again I promise, you´ll definitely see more outfits with Birkenstocks this summer.


IMG_1127 IMG_1165 IMG_1167 IMG_1170 IMG_1175 IMG_1187 IMG_1192 IMG_1208 IMG_1219 IMG_1226 IMG_1231 IMG_1266


Shirt: chicnova
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Birkenstock
Bag: look a like
Sunnies: zerouv


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  • Vanja
    März 28, 2014

    I discovered your blog today and I am thrilled. <3 It is a refreshing and today is in my bookmarks. Your style is just perfect! 🙂 <3

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