holiday diary: barbados

holiday diary: barbados

Well now here we go! I´ll publish a post for each island and now we are starting with the first stop, Barbados. First of all I want to say, it was the best holiday I´ve ever had. It was a trip with all different types of holidays. Hiking, fun, tanning at the beach, a lot of sports, special food, adventure, relaxing and and and. We made a lot of different experiences. We met so amazing and great people and built some important friendships. We saw a lot of local hot spots outside of all the tourism there. We got the chance to see breathtaking nature and animals which I had never seen before. We were able to immerse in the cultures of each island we have been to. Every single island has been a new adventure, experience, it was just stunning and everything was different.


Hotel: our first Hotel was pure luxury. Really everything was perfect at Silver Point Hotel Barbados www.silverpointhotel.com. We got like one of the best rooms of the Hotel. Room 116. I´ll never forget. Beachfront – and the balcony was as big as the room itself. The View of the sea and the beach was so wonderful. Silver Point Hotel isn´t big at all. It wasn´t crowded rather very quiet and pleasant. The food was fantastic. During the whole trip, we had the best breakfast at Silver Point Hotel. Everything was just perfect. Also the lunch and dinner, for all food lovers really a paradise. To the staff and the service of this hotel I can only say one thing: PERFECT and thanks a lot for what you guys offer. By the way my personal hot spot of Silver Point have been the beach beds. Of course I liked it, but not to forget the lonely beach was amazing, too.


Barbados: This island has definitely become my favorite island. We were lucky, we have been there not during the typical holiday season, so it hasn’t been that crowded and also the place was right out of the tourism zone, what we really enjoyed and appreciated, good choice to stay there. So we got the chance to experience a lot of how the local is there. What I enjoyed most was just the beautiful and lonely beaches, the delicious food and the awesome supermarkets. The first time we went in a local supermarket we felt the same like as in the US. The locals from Barbados call it “the little England” but for me it was more like “little USA” – at least at the supermarkets. We fall in love. 10 different kinds of oatmeals and peanut butter. I never thought I’d by so satisfied of supermarkets one day.


Conclusion: We decided we will go to Barbados and Silver Point Hotel next spring again. Then for a longer time of course.


Special: In one of my previous posts I already mentioned to you the Book I got “Boarderlines” from Andreas Brendt www.boarderlines-buch.de. I was so excited to read it. And now I can tell you this book is really one of the best books. Normally I´m not a book fan, but I really got addicted to this one. Mostly books are just too boring for me, I´m more that kind of an action person, I always need something going on around me. Well anyway, it was a pleasure to get this great book form Andreas and it was a very good decision to read it during my holiday, I enjoyed reading it a lot. It tells the story of Andreas Brendt, a surfer who is sharing his great experiences about his passion surfing and how to decide between a safe future and the dream life of travelling as a surfer. While I was reading it, I felt like I need to travel and have some new adventures right now. Definitely my book suggestion for everyone.


Well, that’s it so far about Barbados, just had a really good time there and enjoyed everything there. Guys, stay tuned for the next holiday diary report. Please drop a comment and let me know your thoughts, wishes and your favorite holiday hot spots.

IMG_2305 IMG_2312 IMG_2302 IMG_2380

at my beloved beach beds at Silver Point Hotel

IMG_2073 IMG_2078 IMG_2344 IMG_2355 IMG_2374 IMG_2743

the most comfy beds at Silver Point Hotel

IMG_2135 IMG_21201

the breathtaking view from our room at Silver Point Hotel

IMG_2737 IMG_2702 IMG_2691 IMG_2650 IMG_2643

had a funny shooting at the rocks of our Hotel bay

IMG_2296 IMG_2530 IMG_2546

at the beautiful beach


in the garden of the hotel


  • Mai 9, 2014

    also die Bilder sein einfach ein Traum!!! Ich will da auch hin ;( sieht soo schön aus

  • Mai 17, 2014

    Amazing Pics!

  • saskia_qw
    Mai 22, 2014

    ich LIEBE deinen style!! besonders deine accessoires und deine immer hervorragend zum outfit passenden nagellacke 🙂 magst du vielleicht in zukunft verraten, wo du deine outfits und accessoires shoppst und welche lacke du trägst? 😉

  • saskia_qw
    Mai 29, 2014

    oh entschuldige, ich hatte mir bis dato hauptsächlich deine urlaubsbilder bzw. deinen ista-account angesehen. sorry.
    bisher habe ich noch nicht so oft gesehen, dass du angegeben hast, wo du deinen schmuck kaufst, aber ich kann ja auch einfach nachfragen 🙂
    noch einmal: tolle bilder 🙂

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