holiday diary: grenada

holiday diary: grenada

Hotel: our second Hotel was Coyaba Beach Resort Grenada. There isn´t a lot to tell about Coyaba. It was an all-inclusive Resort. I would say it was okay but nothing special. The Hotel was at the most popular and biggest beach on Grenada. The Beach is called Grand Anse and was as beautiful as the beaches on Barbados. Due to the vulcan on Grenada the sand was a little bit more black.


Grenada: It´s a great island with a lot to see. We went to the Concorde Waterfalls by ourselves. It was the best trip. We met some amazing locals. They told us all about the Waterfalls and the Food. On our way to the Waterfalls we walked through the fields where all kinds of vegetables, fruits and spices are grown. We have tried everything and it tastes awesome. Really amazing. The smell in the air was just fantastic. Anyway there’s a very spicy smell over the whole island. On another day we were at the spice island petting zoo. The owner is a very nice austrian woman. She was amazing and showed us all kinds of animals on the island. Of course the mona monkeys. So cute but really naughty.


Conclusion: The trip to Grenada was very exciting and a big adventure. We´re very happy, that we got the chance to be there.


Guys, stay tuned for the next holiday diary report about Union Island.
I´m so busy at the moment but I´ll find time to prepare the next post soon.


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