holiday diary: union island

holiday diary: union island

Last but not least my diary about Union Island. The best comes always at the end like in this case our best stay of this holiday on Union Island.


Hotel: Our Hotel on Union Island is called Anchorage Yacht Club www.anchorage-union.com. Like the name already tells it was the main port for the most sailors of the Grenadiens. We got the Ocean Front Cottage and it was amazing. A lonely and very cute cottage. The manager of Anchorage, Delroy, was really the best hotel manager I have ever met. He did everything to let our dreams come true. The Hotel Anchorage on Union Island is owned by the same person who also owns the most beautiful private island called Palm Island, with the super luxurious resort called Palm Island Resort www.palmislandresortgrenadines.com. So Delroy arranged that we could spend a few days at the beach of Palm Island Resort. It was sooo amazing. The Palm Island Resort is a private Island and such a luxurious Resort. The Island has the whitest and finest sand that we saw on our trip through the Caribbean. Well we spent two days at this breathtaking Island which I´ll never forget.


Union Island: This Island is a very small (5km long), cute and vibrant Island. Since there’s a lot of sailors coming and going, there is always a lot going on. The little town called Cliffton is such a lovely and colorful place. There is this one beach with that very nice beach bar and restaurant on Union Island (btw I never had such good fish as at this restaurant). It was such a pleasure to spend time there, everyone was nice, especially the owner was a really nice guy. It was very chillaxing. One further important thing about Union is the JT Pro Center www.kitesurfgrenadines.com. Jeremie and his cute girlfriend Zoe run the Kite Surfing School called JT Pro Center. A very stylish and awesome location. It´s the secret hot spot of all cool guys on Union and a coming together of Kite pros from all over the world. Zoe and Jeremie put all their love and passion into this school and location as you can see this in all lovely details of the JT Pro Center. We spent a lot of time at the school and of course with Zoe and Jeremie. These two guys are very amazing. Apart from the successful school they are committed to a lot of social projects and work with animals on Union Island. Very impressive personalities for my opinion. It was such a pleasure to hang out with these guys and to learn a lot about the cute Union Island.


Conclusion: It was an awesome holiday, mainly on Union Island. So we decided to come back to Barbados and Union Island next year. Also we want to learn kite surfing at JT Pro Center.


So now that was the last part of my holiday diary. But on friday I´ll go back to Italy for one week. So follow me on instagram account black_palms to see my daily moments.



 with Scaramouche on tour




 the really beautiful Palm Island


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 the most colorful city Clifton


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 Clifton´s marketplace


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 welcome to JT Pro Center the hot spot on Union Island

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 Jeremie in action




our amazing friends Zoe & Jeremie

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