Mini day-to-day photo diary of Vienna

Mini day-to-day photo diary of Vienna

Last but not least (And finally) my mini day-to-day photo diary of my really awesome trip to Vienna. At the moment, there are a lot of open posts still pending. So you’ll see a lots of posts this week. You will see a post about the JAN&INA Trachten fashion show last week and some new outfit posts of my week in Italy before I´m headed to Berlin next weekend. It´s going to be a really stressful week but I like it. On Wednesday I´m invited to the Herrlicher HQ for a new project. I´ll keep you informed. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook to stay always updated.


So enjoy my mini photo diary of Vienna. Photos taken by Iphone.

 IMG_5529 IMG_5527 IMG_5525 IMG_5523 IMG_5520 IMG_5518 IMG_5514 IMG_5512 IMG_5510 IMG_5508 IMG_4030 IMG_4019 IMG_4016 IMG_4014 IMG_4011 IMG_3996 IMG_3980 IMG_3913 IMG_3771 IMG_3634 IMG_3569 IMG_3513 IMG_3385 IMG_3305 IMG_3301 IMG_3220 IMG_3195 IMG_3143 IMG_3136 IMG_3128 IMG_3115 IMG_3023 IMG_3004 IMG_2969 IMG_2967


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