sneaker love

sneaker love

Everybody knows I´d much rather wear a pair of cool sneakers than heels. I love heels but for long busy days heels aren´t the best and most comfortable choice. Sneakers are always comfy. And you can create such cool looks with every kind of sneakers. I have a lot in every color and form. I feel most comfortable when I´m wearing a pair of sneakers all day. I´m crazy in love with all Nike sneakers. The bright colors and forms are very cool and so easy to style some cozy outfits. I´m thinking about to buy my first pair of New Balance and I’m also thinking about Nike Pegasus. I can´t decide and don´t know which one I´d rather wear. I need to try it out. What do you think??? Which one would be cooler – Nike Pegasus or New Balance 420??? Drop a comment and help me decide!


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 Jacket: H&M men
Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Nike Air Max
Bag: Celine look a like
Sunnies: Rayban

  • März 4, 2014

    wieder einmal super schöne Fotos! Die air max sind extrem schön! bin auch am überlegen zwischen new balance und den rosherun. Kann mich gar nicht entscheiden und bei den vielen Farben schon gar nicht 🙂 Die Nike pegasus sind auch total schön….. da fällt die Entscheidung echt schwer 🙂 bussi

  • März 8, 2016

    Original title: Guangdong persuaded to return to the „red“ Chang Zheng had fled Canada is now returning to surrender according to Guangdong breeze network news, February 18, by coordinating the central anti-corruption group international pursuit of stolen goods office co-ordination and under the guidance of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and I in Canada with the embassy consulate assist, by adding persuaded to return to the program, Guangdong Province procuratorial organs successfully persuade „red“ No. 49 often sign (see chart 1) returning surrendered. This is the 24 appearing in court „hundreds of red“. Chang Zheng, male, born in November 1969, the former Shenzhen City petroleum equipment import and Export Co., Ltd., vice general manager, suspected of corruption, in November 2011 and fled to Canada, Interpol red wanted by the order of the number A-1171/2-2014. Guangdong province pursuit Office attaches great importance to the case, concentrate all forces to pursuit. Guangdong Provincial People’s Procuratorate thorough and meticulous investigation and evidence collection work, strengthen bilateral judicial cooperation with canada. In the strong policy, legal deterrence, often eventually chose to return to. Chang Zheng said in arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport after returning surrendered is the correct choice made after careful consideration. In abroad for years, unable to care for their parents, and unable to meet their loved ones, much suffering. is now back to the motherland, must actively cooperate with the judicial investigation, confession, for leniency. syndrome is Skynet action in Guangdong province since second to „hundreds of red pass personnel“. Guangdong will further increase the international pursuit of stolen goods efforts, „there must escape chase, a catch in the end“. Editor:

  • März 10, 2016

    Original title: Phoenix: planning to build four major tourism products leading cultural tourism industry transformation and upgrading of net Phoenix Station February 25 news (sub station reporter Tang Jinsheng February 23, reporters from the phoenix county office was informed, 2016 Phoenix will focus on building an international tourism destination and create a national 5A level scenic spot target, adhere to cultural tourism industry Xingxian, Fuxian, county strategy, focusing on creating four well-known international and domestic tourism products, to promote cultural tourism industry transformation and upgrading, bigger and stronger to do excellent cultural tourism leading industry, and strive to annual recieves a tourist to 13.8 million passengers, tourism revenue 11.5 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 15%, 15%. Phoenix will vigorously implement the Tuojiang River upstream and downstream of the expansion project, construction of ten in the Tuojiang scenery belt; vigorously implement the South Mountain expansion project, construction of the Buddhist culture of famous mountains; vigorously implement the green city environmental beautification and purification engineering, promote the „castle peak hold city“ project, the construction of forest city; force implementation project to protect the ancient city, strengthen the style of the ancient city of renovation and environmental governance, restored yamen Road station, do a good job of Mawangmiao, temple, such as cultural relics protection and restoration of, the protection of historical and cultural construction and celebrities, the Phoenix ancient city built profound international and domestic cultural heritage and strong competition in the historical and cultural city. Vigorously develop the Miao culture tour. In Bagong mountain area as the center, to promote the construction of the Miao Nationality Culture Museum, the implementation of protection of traditional villages throughout the county to promote the project, to create culture highland Miao, expand and enhance the Miao culture tour. Vigorously develop the battle culture tour. Speed up the Phoenix southwest military defense system to declare the world cultural heritage, depth development of yellowish filament bridge, Shu Jiatang, such as cents ancient castles, ancient barracks, expand and enhance the south of the great wall of soldiers, war culture tour. at the same time, vigorously develop the leisure tourism in Fenghuang county. To construction domestic first-class leisure and tourism resort areas as the goal, and vigorously promote the phoenix international tourism resort development, the implementation of Liao Jia Qiao cultural tourism poverty alleviation Industrial Park, Auto Campground, tourism commodity processing Industrial Park, non Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Park, Long Tan Gang tourism channel and 42 km ring base Green Road project.

  • März 10, 2016

    Original title: Secretary of the Yueyang Municipal CPC Committee Sheng ronghua open three „honest commitment“ net Yueyang station February 25 news (sub station reporter Ninh Binh) on February 24, held in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, city, county and township leading cadres and further promote the national innovation and entrepreneurship conference, the Yueyang Municipal Party committee secretary Sheng ronghua made publicly three honest commitment: „where in the name of my relatives and staff around, to solve the problem of, please identity verification and reporting; the second is can do and can not do, are determined not to do; the third is if you who do, who were accountable accountable.“ the meeting’s main task is thoroughly since the end of last year the central, provincial and municipal a series of important conference, informed of the 2015 annual assessment of the situation, further promote the national innovation and entrepreneurship, mobilization, encouraging further, set off a new round of innovation and entrepreneurship boom, to ensure the full completion of the task this year, good for the development of the „45“, good. Sheng ronghua pointed out that „45“ period, and a plan to promote economic and social development of Yueyang to adaptation, grasp and lead the new normal through the global development and the whole process of logic, because of potential plan, according to the changing situation, efforts to develop „pole three should be“ new city construction situation of rivers and lakes. To pole proper the rivers and lakes of city construction to promote the effectiveness of the development of new ideas take root, continue to tap the connotation of new opportunities, releasing a new bonus opportunity, continue to adhere to 621 action as the fundamental way to work step by step, real in advance, focus on the solution must „do not want to“ not as poor „, as the new lead and promote economic and social development step on a new step. Sheng Ronghua stressed that innovation is the source of power to promote the economic and social development, to further promote the national innovation and entrepreneurship, to cultivate the transformation and development of new energy. To unite innovation consensus, fully stimulate every social viability and the release of each main market potential; to optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, increase policy support, strengthen platform construction, strengthen propaganda, pay close attention to the introduction of specific measures, so that the majority of entrepreneurs „innovation, innovation with live, do big“; to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship, adhere to the entrepreneurial employment, to encourage entrepreneurship, support the initial two venture, to attract foreign venture together, adhere to baling engineering talent as the carrier, to lead and promote the social innovation and entrepreneurship; to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial activity, the reform of administrative examination and approval system in a more prominent position, for all the people innovation and entrepreneurship to create a more relaxed environment. Sheng Ronghua, to do solid work, to ensure the completion of the annual task. Departments at all levels should focus on the objectives and tasks, conduction level of pressure, layer upon layer compaction responsibility; to the open economy and the development of county economy as the top priority, to challenge the impossible determination and tenacity, precise measures policy force, to promote breakthroughs global development; to deepen the catch-up than the school, improve the commenting bulletin and the system of rewards and punishments, formation of try to overtake each other, racing, competing for the development of a lively situation; to stick to the livelihood security, ecological environmental protection and the security and stability of the bottom line, continue to deepen the peace of Yueyang, Yueyang building the rule of law, efforts to enhance the people’s sense of security and satisfaction. „do the current work, the key in the party, the key cadres.“ Sheng Ronghua stressed that it is necessary to carry out comprehensive strictly required to provide a strong guarantee for economic and social development. To adhere to the „five a“ two „tilt“ employment oriented, and earnestly do a good job in the county and township general synchronous work; to deepen the implementation of the „three way“, strictly from the management team, to create a picturesque scenery of the political ecology and aggressive general environment; should be resolutely remediation „four evils“, and promote anti-corruption the building, cadres at all levels should start from their own, with particular attention to the construction of family traditions, the strict requirements of relatives and staff, be incorruptible and innocence; to carry out the „three big“ action, comprehensively fulfill all three requirements, efforts to improve the level of grassroots party building, the strong foundation in building fortress, gather strength. Sheng ronghua said: „I hope everyone of my supervision, if to my relatives and people around him in the name of intercession of work, one is to ascertain the identity, second, can do and can not do the firm does not do, if do shall be accountable for accountability.“

  • März 10, 2016

    Original title: Global 5G lifting technology research fever people’s Congress proposed to grab the opportunity to create a smart city chart for the six meeting of the fourteen Ningbo Municipal People’s Congress at the opening ceremony. LiMPO intake Beijing, Ningbo, February 25 (reporter LiMPO) under a ultra high-definition movie only one second; see anywhere ultra clear (4K) video, 4K video conference; can be widely used in residential broadband services, virtual reality equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles… At present, many users just take the 4G express, 5G has been waiting at the intersection near. in February 25th, in the fourteenth Ningbo Municipal People’s Congress on the sixth conference, once again become the focus of 5G technology. Ningbo City People’s Congress, China Mobile Ningbo Branch Yao Zhijian, general manager of the company said. At present, the whole world is raising of 5g technology research and development to promote the boom, he suggested that Ningbo seize 5g development opportunities, to promote the construction of Ningbo national information hub city, boost the Ningbo Urban Competitiveness, influence and radiation force and improve the. the 18th session of the fifth plenary session through „on the formulation of national economic and social development the thirteenth five-year planning advice“ clearly put forward „to speed up the construct high-speed, mobility, security, pan in a new generation of information infrastructure, to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through network, the national data strategy,“ Internet + action plan, expand the space of network economy, promote the integration of the Internet and the economic and social development, the development of domestic information and communication industry put forward new and higher requirements. 5g is the main direction of the development of a new generation of mobile communication technology, will not only further enhance the mobile Internet user experience, it will also meet the massive future networking equipment demand for networking, industrial, medical, transportation and other key industries depth fusion, realize the real „of all things to each other“ is an important part of the future of a new generation of information infrastructure. currently, 5G technology has become a new battlefield for operators and technology companies. the international, this year related to the international organization for standardization will officially launch the 5g standard research, U.S. carriers at & amp; t in mid February this year said in years test 5g network of earlier versions, Verizon, the us another operation plans at the beginning of this year 5g network testing, European operators of 5g is also eager. from the domestic point of view, at present China in 5g concept and technology framework, key technology research and development, standard and spectrum of made some progress, January 7, 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology in Beijing held a 5g technology development trials will start, the main goal is support 5g International standards development, promote the formation of global 5g technology standards, promote the 5g research and industrial development. in the opinion of Yao Zhijian, if 3G / 4G era of China’s independent intellectual property rights of communication technology standards from the „catch-up“ to „catch“ the leap, then Chinese 5g technology standard is expected to become international standards, implementation of „leading“ the goal of development of global communication industry. after recent years of development, Ningbo city information infrastructure capacity made significantly improved, especially caught the first 4G network construction pilot opportunities, promoting the development of 4G, walk in the forefront of the country, only to China Mobile invested in the construction of Ningbo as an example, at present 4G mobile base station has more than 1.2 million, to achieve full coverage of the territory, the 4G mobile users has more than 350 million, has become an important support to promote Ningbo wisdom of urban construction, the development of the information economy and the Internet +. in this regard, Yao Zhijian, Ningbo actively striving for the first batch of 5g pilot cities, to build Ningbo national information infrastructure hub city, and to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Ningbo City, boost, the service is good „in a circle, three center and a modern international port city construction. in addition, docking „along the way“, Yangtze River Economic Belt strategic, Yao Zhijian also suggested that domestic oriented, and actively seek national and provincial government policy support, as soon as the construction Ningbo provinces for the second communication hub put on the agenda, incorporated into the government work plan and the list of major projects, and give special funds to support, change in Ningbo „endings“ position in the information superhighway. (end)

  • März 10, 2016

    Original title: Changsha new stop can display the bus arrival time that WiFi net Changsha July 25 hearing (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Li Tong) „of some of the site changed new bus stop, much more beautiful than the original stop above also suggest that WiFi.“ In February 24th, the public Mr. Wu said, he saw the bus stop updating in Furong road. Reporter from the Changsha City Transportation Bureau was informed that, at present, most of the city bus station have switched to the new electronic bus stop, stop with the bus arrival information display function, but temporarily can not use. „Between the electronic bus stop board and the bus real-time positioning data but also for docking, when docking mission can display the bus arrival information in the electronic bus stop board.“ Changsha City Transportation Bureau said that buses currently due to congestion cannot be at a given time reach a predetermined site or focus to arrive at a site, because the subway, subway project construction on traffic impact. The important function in the construction of informatization project „Changsha city public traffic intelligent application project“ is to conduct real-time monitoring of the city bus, including video monitoring and real-time vehicle positioning. The Wuyi Road, Furong Road and other roads has switched to the new electronic bus stop, stop a rolling screen, can display real-time bus arrival time. A staff member on site for the installation, the new station licence in October last year to start the installation, installing also need between the bus real-time positioning data transmission, so new electronic bus stop board need months to put into use.

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