the boyfriend

the boyfriend

I´m still at Lago di Garda and I really enjoy being there. I call it my second home.

I go there since I’m a little kid. I just love the flair, the good weather and of
course the delicious food. Pizza and Pasta my, favorite food. Well, when I
mention „boyfriend“ in combination with fashion, every girl is thinking of a
pair of boyfriend jeans, right? Anyway in this post I want to show you how you
combine or use the clothes of your boyfriend. I´m a big fan of oversized shirts
and all kind of wide clothes. Very often I´m looking into my boyfriend’s closet
to find wide shirts and other things I can borrow. It´s so much fun to wear men
clothes in a way women would wear it. This outfit was the result after taking
some stuff out of my boyfriend´s closet. I found this cool belt and it was
clear that this had to be around my waist. A long time ago I bought this
oversize shirt from Missguided and now I know how I like to wear it best.


Today we were in Milano and it was such a great and amazing day. I´ll talk about it soon.

Shirt: Missguided
Belt: H&M men
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Primark
Sunnies: Diesel


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